Helping Businesses Find Success with Govt. Contracts

Business Lawyer and Government Contract Consultant

When small and medium-sized businesses are looking for growth opportunities, they often overlook the government sector, assuming that government contracts are too difficult or time-consuming to secure
Yet there are good reasons why a smaller business should put government contracts on their radar. As an essential service, government will not be closing its doors. Even in difficult times, the government is a stable payor. And when governmental units face cutbacks, they often do more outsourcing, rather than less.

Yes, there are procedures and paperwork, but many industries have specialized requirements. With education, information and guidance, any size business can be successful in government contracts.

If you would like help identifying and securing government contracts, contact me; I'm attorney and business consultant Jim Rome. I assist private-sector businesses in securing and delivering on government contracts at the local, state and federal level.

I'm here to help your business grow. Learn more about my approach to helping business clients develop confidence and capacity in government contracting.

With four decades experience in business law and government contracting, I'm well positioned to provide business counsel and legal representation to clients in Illinois and across the U.S. My goal is to help my clients maximize business opportunities, perform effectively in their contracts, and resolve disputes favorably. I can assist you throughout the lifecycle of a government contract:

Identifying government contract opportunities
Bid preparation
Contract performance
Financing and financial reporting
Contract compliance
Protests and claims regarding the bid process or issues in contract performance

My firm also offers a full range of legal services of value to small to medium-sized businesses, including:

Business organization
Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions
Business and commercial transactions
Commercial litigation

The process of government contracting is my area of expertise.

You can start today to build your business with successful government contracts. Contact my Wilmette, Illinois law office or call 847.917.3540 to schedule a consultation. For your convenience, I can meet at your office, home, or any location convenient for you.